Platy & Pus

Preschool animated TV series. 13 episodes of 7 min.
Pilot episode available.
Director – Stefan Runeberg Fjeldmark
Producers – Linni Rita Gad.
An EyeCandyFilm ApS production.

Platy & Pus Fan Page


Mr. Secret

Educational short film 15 min. Animation.
Directors – Sarah Simonsen & Signe Ridder
Producers – Linni Rita Gad & Stefan Runeberg Fjeldmark
A KAPOW – EyeCandyFilm ApS coproduction.



Educational interactive comic book with computer game. Animation.
Director – Linni Rita Gad
Writer – Stefan Runeberg Fjeldmark
Graphics – Claus Bigum.
A KAPOW – EyeCandyFilm ApS – Oxmond Interactive coproduction ApS.

The Flame and the Cotton Ball

Short film 23 min. Animation.
Director – Niels Bisbo
Producer – Jacob Jarek
An EyeCandyFilm ApS TSOMM Pictures ApS coproduction.

The Children’s World

Short film 22 min. Animation.
Director – Paw Charlie Ravn
Producer – Jacob Jarek
Executive producers – Stefan Runeberg Fjeldmark & Richard Engstrom
An EyeCandyFilm ApS,  TSOMM Pictures ApS,  Profile Pictures ApS coproduction.