In development

HC Andersen Unrated

EyeCandyFilm and True Content Entertainment are currently in development with the tv-series “H.C. Andersen Unrated.”

The target group is 15 years plus and vision is to tell the best stories of H.C Andersen as dark and quirky as they were originally written.

Brought to life by some of the most outstanding directors, writers and artists of today.

The Rusty World (based on the novels by Adam O.)

The Rusty World (Animated feature family)

100 years from now the world is worn down and covered in trash, and people have fled to the cooler parts of the globe.

The Scandinavian capitals have all moved been to Greenland and merged into one super capital

protected by a huge glass dome; “New Scandinavia”.

This new ideal society is ruled by a social media democracy.

We embark on a fantastic adventure, as 4 siblings, go on a trip to visit their uncle,

who still live in the lawless southern Scandinavia.

The children are: Darling 6 year old Ramona, 10 year old prankster Bowie, 13 year old cool nerd

and rebellion Peter, and 16 year old Lark,

who is supposed to be the sensible older sister, but still haven’t found her place to fit in, yet.

Platy & Pus

Preschool animated TV series. 13 episodes of 7 min.
Pilot episode available.

Director – Stefan Runeberg Fjeldmark
Producers – Linni Rita Gad.
An EyeCandyFilm ApS production.


Mr. Secret

Educational short film 15 min. Animation.
Directors – Sarah Simonsen & Signe Ridder
Producers – Linni Rita Gad & Stefan Runeberg Fjeldmark
A KAPOW – EyeCandyFilm ApS coproduction.

The Flame and the Cotton Ball

Short film 23 min. Animation.
Director – Niels Bisbo
Producer – Jacob Jarek
An EyeCandyFilm ApS TSOMM Pictures ApS coproduction.



Educational interactive comic book with computer game. Animation.
Director – Linni Rita Gad
Writer – Stefan Runeberg Fjeldmark
Graphics – Claus Bigum.
A KAPOW – EyeCandyFilm ApS – Oxmond Interactive coproduction ApS.

The Children’s World

Short film 22 min. Animation.
Director – Paw Charlie Ravn
Producer – Jacob Jarek
Executive producers – Stefan Runeberg Fjeldmark & Richard Engstrom
An EyeCandyFilm ApS,  TSOMM Pictures ApS,  Profile Pictures ApS coproduction.